New dads, do not sit in the hospital chairs looking comfortable while your partner is in pain!

Get ready for the ride of your life with this hilarious and honest guide to labor tips for first-time moms. Straight from the mouths of real life moms and nurses, this listicle covers everything from the unexpected twists and turns of labor to the importance of getting drugs early and the inevitable poop in front of everyone. 

From the real deal about the “ring of fire” to the unexpected and hilarious moments, this guide will have you laughing and better prepared for the journey ahead. Get the inside scoop on what to expect and what to ask for, and remember, there's no birth plan - it's the baby's plan, that's it!"

The Most Honest Labor Tips for First Time Moms From The Experts in the Room

1. Tips for Labor: It never goes the way you plan it – No matter how much you prepare and plan, birth is unpredictable. You might have the perfect birth plan in your mind, but when it comes down to it, the baby has a plan of its own, and it's best to be flexible and open to change. So, don't stress too much about having a perfect birth plan. Just focus on having a healthy baby and a successful delivery.

2. Tips for Labor: Take the damn epidural and know the deadline – Moms everywhere are singing the praises of epidurals. Don't be a hero – if you're offered the option, take it. There's no shame in wanting a little extra comfort during labor, and it's there for a reason. There is also a point during labor in which you will not be able to get it. Know that point, and do it early.

3. Tips for Labor: Use the mirror to push. If you’re up for it, use a mirror during pushing. This can help you see exactly what’s going on down there and make pushing more effective.

4. Tips for Labor: Contractions aren't even the worst pain. Prepare yourself for the ring of fire. Contractions are definitely no walk in the park, but they aren't even the worst pain you'll experience during labor. The "ring of fire" (AKA the sensation you feel when the baby's head crowns) is definitely a whole different level of pain. 

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5. Tips for Labor: Say Goodbye to Your Cute Outfit. If you're planning to wear something cute during labor, know you might get blood and other bodily fluids on it, and it will most likely be ruinedContrary to popular belief, the labor and birthing process is not always a beautiful experience. It can be messy and scary, so don't be discouraged by what you see on the internet or in movies. If you want to stay warm and slip free in the hospital, check out grip socks for pregnant moms here.

6. Tips for Labor: Most hospitals won’t let you eat during labor. Double check with your doctor about meals and what to be aware of.  You won’t be able to eat much (if at all) during labor. You will be starving after, get your favorite meal on deck.

7. Tips for Labor: Say Goodbye to Unwanted Visitors. If you don't want visitors in your room, simply tell the nurses. They are there to make your experience as comfortable as possible and will keep unwanted visitors away. So, feel free to ask for some privacy if you need it.

8. Tips for Labor: You will be alone for some time and hear other women scream. It's not uncommon for women to be left alone in the delivery room for a bit while they're in labor. And, let's just say, the sounds of other women giving birth can be pretty intense. But, try to focus on your own experience and remember that everyone's different.

9. Tips for Labor: There is nothing a doctor can do without your permission. It’s okay to say no to intervention - Your healthcare provider can’t do anything without your consent. If you don’t want certain interventions, it’s okay to say no.

10. Tips for Labor: You also need to deliver the placenta. Don’t forget, you’ll need to deliver the placenta after the baby is born. This can be a weird and sometimes uncomfortable process, but it’s important for your health.

11. Tips for Labor: The first poop after delivery is scary af! Let's be real, the first poop after delivery can be pretty intimidating. But, there are a few things you can do to make it a little easier. For example, holding some toilet paper down there for support can be super helpful. And, don't be afraid to ask your nurse for some extra pads or wipes. They've seen it all and are there to help.

12. Tips for Labor:  The doctor is the last person to show up. You're in labor, you're in pain, and you're thinking, "Where the hell is my doctor?" Well, sometimes they don't show up until right before or after the birth. And when they do show up, they only stay for a few seconds. You'll do 99% of the work with the nurse, but don't worry, they're there to help you every step of the way.

13. Tips for Labor: Be prepared to lose sight of the baby. They say that the first time you lay eyes on your baby is the most magical moment of your life. But, what they don't tell you is that sometimes you'll lose sight of your baby right after you give birth. Don't worry, they'll only take the baby away for a few moments, but it can still be a little scary.

14. Tips for Labor: Ask for anything and everything before leaving. Before you leave the hospital, make sure you ask for anything and everything you need, including the ice pack, Kotex pads, and mesh undies. Trust us, you don't want to forget anything, because you'll regret it later.

15. Tips for Labor: Your Healthcare team won't care if you don't shave. You're about to give birth, and you're thinking, "I need to shave my legs." Well, don't worry about it. Your healthcare team won't care if you don't shave or if you poop when you're pushing. They've seen it all, and they're there to help you, not judge you.

16. Tips for Labor: Embrace the poop. You will poop in front of everyone during labor. And guess what? It's completely fine! You are pushing a human being out of your body and it is a natural process. The nurses are there to support you, and they have seen it all. They will act like nothing happened and move on with the delivery process. So, let go of the embarrassment and embrace the poop!

17. Tips for Labor: Keep a Journal. The labor and delivery process can be intense, and you may forget the details. That's why it's a great idea to keep a journal or write down the details of your experience. This can be a great way to remember the journey and look back on it in the future.

19. Tips for Labor: Contractions don’t stop after you have the baby. Just because the baby is out, it doesn’t mean the contractions will stop. You’ll still experience afterbirth contractions as your uterus returns to its normal size.

19. Tips for Labor:  There is a “fourth trimester.” You’ll feel ugly and broken. It will pass. The postpartum period can be just as challenging as labor. You’ll be dealing with physical and emotional changes, hormone fluctuations, and a new baby to care for. But remember, this too shall pass.

20. Tips for Labor: The End is in Sight. The most important thing to remember is that the baby will come out eventually, one way or another. So, try to stay positive and focus on the end goal. You are about to become a mother, and that is a truly amazing thing.

ultimate top tips for labor guide for new moms

We put together an easy and handy PDF dad guide of all the tips for dads they should be aware of while their partner is in labor! Download the guide here and keep it handy :) 

You got this, mom 💪🏼

In conclusion, giving birth is a wild ride and it's okay to be scared and anxious about it. But with the help of experienced moms and nurses, you can feel better prepared for what lies ahead. It's important to remember that everyone's experience is different and there is no right or wrong way to give birth. So, take a deep breath, trust your body, and know that you've got this. Does your partner need some guidance on how to be supportive and present during labor? Read out top advice for partners here.

The journey may be filled with unexpected twists and turns, but it's also an experience you'll never forget. Just remember to keep your sense of humor handy, as things may get a little messy, embarrassing, and down-right silly at times. And when all else fails, just remind yourself that "at least you won't have to poop in front of an audience again anytime soon!"

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