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Statement Gifts
Guaranteed to Bring Laughs

"Docs loved them. They are cloud soft and non binding. Don’t get loose like diabetic socks or el cheapo hospital versions. Warm but not hot. The only thing that makes a 20 hr stay bearable."

- Debra

Laughter Is the Best Medicine, but Comfortable Socks Help Too

Detailed view of swords and shields grips on the 'Hella brave' sock

Grippy Socks for Safety: Prevent Falls

Our super-soft, sticky silicone grips on these grip socks provide maximum traction to ensure minimal slips, making them ideal hospital socks.

Close-up view of stork-shaped grips on the 'fck I'm pregnant' sock. Ideal gift for new mom, perfect for hospital bags or baby shower gag gifts.

Soft and Comforting

Made from bamboo and cotton, our grippy socks are gentle on your skin. They're perfect for keeping feet warm and cozy during chilly hospital stays or just lounging at home.

Hospital patient holding up new hospital grip socks that say "stronger than a mufkr", ideal gift for patient in recovery

Look Good to Feel Good

Swap those bland hospital socks for our colorful and witty designs. Light up the ward with some funny grippy socks and redefine healthcare fashion.

Why Dr. Socko? The Grip Sock Difference

Discover how Dr. Socko stands out in the grip sock industry. Our unique features ensure utmost comfort, longevity, and satisfaction — compare for yourself!

Being in the hospital sucked, but these hospital grip socks let me re-write the narrative to create a new and positive association with hospital socks.
— Enrique
Now that I have my Dr. Socko socks, I haven’t fallen once while wearing them, but most importantly the socks themselves haven’t fallen down my ankles, twisted around my feet, or slipped off while sleeping
— Kristen
Two women lounging at home, wearing grip socks on a hardwood floor, smiling and enjoying slip-free comfort for fall prevention.
I'm actually shocked at how thick and soft they are. These are not like my grandma's hospital socks! I think Dr. Socko just might be my new favorite lounge socks.
— Valrie
Two cheerful nurses at the hospital, proudly displaying their fun grip socks during a break