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So not like hospital socks, thank God!

These socks are so thick and I cannot feel the treads on the bottoms when I walk!
I love these socks! I bought the “Boy Mom” socks for my daughter who is about to become a new mom to a boy May 19😁

Comfy and functional!

For anyone who hates cold weather and lives in a house or apartment with wooden floors, these are lifesavers!

Super comfy

These are nice and cushiony and soooo comfy! I've even bought some to share 😊

I love these!!

I'm so happy they finally came out with ankle socks! My patient lives the frequent flyer socks I bought him last year these are cute and comfy.

Nurse approved!

Hospital socks are horrible, but these socks will make your hospital stay so much better. Theyre incredibly comfortable and warm without being too warm. There’s no seams to annoy you and you cant feel the non- stick bumps when you walk but theyre definitely non stick, just a higher end version than hospital non stick. Fortunately i ordered four pairs in the wrong size so i get to keep those and buy more to gift to my MIL for her upcoming surgery. I cant get over how good these feel on my feet. I have large calves and these arent binding at all, if that’s an issue for you.

Must haves!

I wore these yesterday for a heart Cath procedure. I'm in and out of the hospital, but these make it a bit more bearable,! The nurses thought they were funny. They are so soft and so well made. They did try to give me the standard issue socks, lol. The horrible no shape weird socks. I actually kept them for a gag gift. Can't wait to get more of these!

I Love love love these socks!

I stopped procrastinating and ordered some socks after a pulmonary embolism was discovered on Thanksgiving. I went in a couple days after I received them because I still was feeling off ( had a double ear infection at the time also so I wasn’t sure what was going on if it was illness related or PE related or blood thinner related, but Thanksgiving was enough to scare me straight for awhile). And every nurse that saw them loved them too!

Sock addiction is real

I bought these socks as Christmas gifts but now I don't want to give them out. They are amazingly comfortable. They make quite a statement piece at the airport. Thank you.

Hard to give away

I bought these socks as Christmas gifts but now I don't want to give them out. They are amazingly comfortable. They make quite a statement piece at the airport. Thank you.

I made a mistake...

I bought these socks as Christmas gifts but now I don't want to give them out. They are amazingly comfortable. They make quite a statement piece at the airport. Thank you.

Cozy Socks

I had ordered socks for my mom for her hospital stay but I hadn’t tried these socks myself until now. Full disclosure, these were a gift for participating in a market survey for Dr Socko. Mine arrived in the mail the day before our weather started dipping below freezing temps. So, of course, I had to try them right away. I love them so much, I wore them for two days straight.

These are lovely socks. They are soft and thick. The treads are barely noticeable while still giving you plenty of traction on bare floors. Unlike, the ones they give you in the hospital, these socks fit well and actually keep my feet warm. The leg doesn’t slide down and bunch up around my ankle while the cuff isn’t too tight. They also feel comfortable inside shoes. I was wearing them around the house and had to run a quick errand, I slipped on my sneakers and didn’t realize until I got back home and took off my shoes that I was still wearing my Dr Socko socks.
My only issue is that they occasionally twist around so that the tread is half way on top of my foot; it’s usually just my right foot. However, to be fair, this happens to me with a lot of my socks. If you don’t have this problem, I’m sure you won’t with these socks either.

Overall, I highly recommend these socks, and not just for the hospital.

Best MF Socks Ever!

Grabbed these for my brother to wear after surgery. He’ll love how it feels like you’re feet into a cloud and the main color will remind him of his favorite way to hydrate - BEER 🍺 Thank you for making these incredible socks!

Best grippies ever!

So cushy and comfy! Like a hug for your feet! And the grips don’t hurt your feet!

cute and soft

Cute, soft and well made

So soft

So soft and not cheaply made

Fantastic, as per usual!

Such good quality socks! Super soft, you can't feel the rubber grips when you walk. That's the best part. Most grip socks are too thin and you feel the grips with every step. Not with these! I love them

F*cking Fabulous!

I love these socks! Soft! Durable! Cozy! Great colors! and FUN!!!!!

So so cute

Bought them for my daughter who is about to have a baby girl they are great and extremely good quality. 1000 times better than. The ones at the hospital and the designs truly original

Best way to say F U

Super thick and stretchy. Most comfortable I’ve ever worn! Looking forward to my next pink slip! 😬

My favorite grippy socks!

These are the most cushy, comfy socks ever! And they help keep me safe while walking on my tile floors.

Keeps Mom Safe

Mom has Alzheimer's and her caregiver said that normal socks are no longer safe for her. I immediately thought of Dr. Socko. I am so thankful that we have these socks that are so cool and that keep my Mom safe.

Amazing as usual!!

Dr. Socko socks never disappoint! They are soft with amazing grips. I live giving them for gifts!

Added to my collection

So happy to add these to my collection. These are the most comfortable lounging socks. Make more please 😊

the best hospital socks

I brought these with me to my mental ward stay, best 5 days ever :)

Absolutely Perfect

They help me feel better everyday while also being safe and sassy about it! Christmas Everyday!