Benefits and drawbacks of double sided hospital grip socks

Are those oven mitts? No they're just hospital socks with grips all over! When hospital socks have grips on both top and bottom of the sock, they are often referred to as double sided grip socks or double tread. If you're asking yourself "what the heck are hospital socks," this intro blog might help fill in the gaps :) 

Benefits of Hospital Socks with Grips on Both Sides

Grips are located on both sides of the sock in case they are moved around accidentally while walking or in bed. This way, the grips always remain at the bottom of the feet. You can argue that hospitals should be giving out socks that are fitted with a heel, so they don’t constantly move around, but it is what it is! Problem solved by having the grips 360. It’s a big reason why people think they look not so stylish, but there is some practical use for it

The same holds true at a psych ward where the same grip socks are given out to patients. In psych wards, grip socks have taken on a life of its own in recent years, representing a community of patients in the psych ward. 

"My grandmother preferred the grippies to be on both side of the socks in case they turned around as she moved around in bed. So we definitely were always on the lookout for double grippy sided socks.

It happens to the best of us, doesn't it? We're tossing and turning in bed with socks on when we go to sleep. When we wake up it's all sideways and backwards! Maybe people get out of bed quickly in the morning or they need to use the restroom in the middle of the night. It can be very easy to forget to check if your socks are in the right direction. Since hospital socks are also on the looser end, some people prefer to have the double sided grips for extra precaution. 

Grip socks are also given out at the hospital because it's always cold! Temperatures remain cold to help with staff and operational efficiency. 

Drawbacks of Hospital Socks with Grips on Both Sides

On the other hand, there are obvious drawbacks to having grips on both sides of a hospital sock. People complain having grips on top of the the sock make it a lot easier for it to catch onto blankets and result in it moving around and coming off easily. It's like a catch 22 - people like having the double sided grips in case it moves around, but people don't like it because they think it moves around easier. (It's confusing, we completely empathize.)

"The hospital socks I have used suck! There is no heel and the grippy things are on both sides! It feels awkward and uncomfortable. I like my socks to have a toe, heel and a top and bottom. If it can double as a cooking mitt, I DON'T WANT IT! 🤣😂"

Double sided grip socks also make it harder to put on shoes since the grip on top causes friction, and people have trouble putting sneakers on while wearing them. Lastly, it's not considered the most fashionable piece of accessory. Unless you like showing off the grippies ;) Everyone has their own preference when it comes to socks! There are definitely benefits to both single sided and double sided grip socks. You don't always get the option to choose what you want when it's given out, but next time you say "yuck, double sided grips," know there is a reason for it! Ever wonder what hospital sock colors represent? Read on here to find out.

About Dr. Socko Hospital Socks

Our mission is to provide laughter and joy to people going through tough times. It's especially needed in a hospital. Often, patients receive hospital gifts like flowers, teddy bears or cards. We have heard several requests for changes in the traditional hospital grip sock, like making it fitted, removing the toe seam, and creating better designs. We've launched our own take on hospital grip socks based on this feedback and hope you love it as much as the traditional ones! Our hospital grip socks are for those who need a smile, in and out of the ER in any slippery situation.

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September 28, 2022