Girl Mom Hospital Grip Socks

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Introducing the "Girl Mom" hospital grip socks - a must-have for expectant and new moms. These socks make a fantastic gift for the tough and often overwhelming journey of motherhood. Say goodbye to boring, plain hospital socks and hello to a little pick-me-up during labor and those sleepless nights with a newborn. Plus, they're a way better gender reveal tool than causing a fire hazard. Embrace the madness of motherhood and keep your feet warm and comfy with these hilarious and heartwarming socks!



- Bamboo/Cotton

- Soft, Stretch Fit, Seamless Toe, High Elasticity, Strong Silicone Grips, Moisture Wicking, Grips Extend to Toe and Heel

- Good fit for mens gripper socks, womens gripper socks, non slip socks for elderly, gripper socks for elderly, non slip medical socks, hospital grip socks, silicone grip socks

- Care: Machine Wash Cold, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean

- Imported

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Heather McLeish
Warm and Cozy

I love how soft these socks are. They keep my tootsies warm and cozy. The grips are great for preventing slipping and sliding. Love the new colors and themes.

"I bought a pair for myself and gifted to a friend who has been in the hospital a lot this past year. We both love them. They aren't anything like the hospital socks they give you. These are thick, soft and cute as a MuFKR."

Based on 197 reviews
Perfect for My Knee Replacement

I had a full knee replacement today and my socks worked perfectly for walking around after surgery and my physical therapy appointment. I received many compliments on them as well. The fit was great and the grips didn't slip.

Helpful for first time mom

Very helpful tips that I will have to definitely show my husband, this will be our first baby :)

WOW!!! I’m impressed!!

These socks are amazing! They are so nice and thick. So well-made! They stay put and don’t roll down like cheap socks do!! The rubber on the bottom seems like it’s such top quality. You’re not slipping and falling down in these socks.!!

Love them!

Bought the stronger than a mfker ones in purple and so far I LOVE them. I have size 11/12 in women feet and was shocked to see the variety in sizing and colors. They are soft, stretchy and so comfortable. I bought them for when I have my baby April 1 and cannot wait to wear them and hopefully give my nurses a good laugh. They were definitely worth the price and I'm sure I will end up ordering more.

BOY Mom socks sooo cute!

Found out I was having my 3rd boy and I had to have these socks for my next delivery. I can't wait to wear them at the hospital, they are so cute and feel so comfortable. Bought 2 more pairs for my friends who are also having boys too! Definitely recommend!

Perfect Gift

My mom has a great sense of humor and just had surgery. These socks are great both physically and emotionally. PS. They are super soft and way thicker then the hospital issued socks.

Great socks!

Love them I’m going to use it to tell my mom! I can’t wait! Every comfortable and thick socks!

Super Soft Seamless toes!! Absolutely my favorite socks to wear!! Thank you for this Great Socks!!

My new go-to gift for any mom

I already own 4 pairs of Dr. Socko grip socks and love them bc they are soft, well-fitting, and stay where they’e supposed to be! No sliding down, twisting around, or bunching up. Grip-sock perfection.

I bought these (one each color) only to have on hand for the next pregnancy announcement I hear so I can share the Dr. Socko Love!


Very comfortable and soft, great designs on the socks! Highly recommend!

Warm and Cozy

I love how soft these socks are. They keep my tootsies warm and cozy. The grips are great for preventing slipping and sliding. Love the new colors and themes.

Best. Socks. Ever.

I LOVE these socks. I’m not pregnant yet, but I had to go ahead and buy them for when the time comes because they’re awesome. I already have several other pairs of Dr. Socko’s, but these needed to be added to the sock arsenal. 😂

Comfy, well-made and a conversation starter!

I love my ‘stronger than a mufkr’ hospital socks! I spend regular time in hospitals and clinics so live having specialized merch to show off and these are perfect. They also are soft and comfortable and man…the seam in the right spot is perfect! Keep it up!

Dr. Socko Knows

Work an ER and you know. Just the thing my niece and her husband needs for the birth of their 1st child. That and a couple of pairs of Dr. Socko socks in their hospital go bag and they are ready. Love your IG posts

Best Socks Ever!!!

They are absolutely awesome!!! Really cool designs and extremely comfortable and warm!!! Definitely be buying more pairs!!!!

Stronger Than a MuFKR Hospital Grip Sock Pack
Teresa Wilson
Stronger than a mfer

Love these socks. They are comfortable to wear.

My respiratory co workers loved them. My pair was soft and comfortable. Great quality. Thanks

Stronger Than a MuFKR Hospital Grip Sock Pack
Maricela Jaime
Soft as a mfker

Love them 🧦😍

Get a “Grip”

These are the best slipper socks! Great thick cushioning and grips for stability. They don’t twist and turn. And the sayings add a little humor to an otherwise depressing time.
I’ll be buying more to give as gifts. And as prizes for our Woman's Club fundraisers.

They’re fantastic!

These are just the best! They are so soft and really comfortable! They are very well made, and keep my feet toasty warm. I was so impressed by how fast they got here too. I bought three more pairs, as these are going to be a party favor gift for my Mom’s 80th birthday celebration with family. The ladies are going to love them. Thank you so much!


I got the socks for my husband , he has parkingson's ,so We have sometimes have to take him to the ER . The last time , he went into rehab for it and the PT people kept asking where we got the socks . My husband told them that I had got them from someplace that I saw on facebook . Even the nurses liked them .

O₂ (Oxygen) Tree Grip Sock
Katherine Blaylock

Funny, which is the most important thing. Good fit, my son wears a size 14 shoe! He says they’re warm and comfortable.


Great grippers. I emailed you about 10 days ago asking for a replacement. No return messages. I bought 3 pair. My 89 yr old father loved them. Then we washed gently and low no heat and the yarn is unraveling. Looks like Velcro. Now two pair out of three have done that.
We love the thickness too. But if that’s how they wash up and customer service is not responding I wouldn’t recommend

Hi Robert! Just wanted to clarify that we did respond to your email two days after you reached out and have since sent replacement socks. We sent a few emails after to see how the new socks were doing, but haven't heard back. Hope your father loves them just as much! :)

Cute and comfy!

These socks are very cute! I work as a respiratory therapist so I absolutely love the O2 Christmas tree design. I gave coworkers pairs as well and everyone loves them. They are very comfortable, didn’t shrink after washing, and seem like they will hold up well.

Stronger Than a MuFKR Hospital Grip Sock Pack
Heather H
Comfy as a MuFkr!

I’m a nurse and have no need for these socks, but they were cute and I wanted them. They are honestly very comfortable, and they help since I’m always sliding around on out hard wood floors. Worth buying!