Stay Strong Comfort Kit: Hospital Care Package


Preparing for a hospital visit or supporting someone who is? Introduce them to our carefully curated Hospital Care Package. Designed not just to complement any hospital bag but to truly enhance the experience, this set provides strength and comfort during their stay. From practical essentials to elements of encouragement, ensure a smoother hospital journey with our comprehensive package.

Care package comes in a box with items wrapped in tissue paper, prepared for gifting. For an added touch, you have the option to include additional socks to the package.

Ankle Sock Size
Product Overview

A hospital stay, whether expected or sudden, can be a challenging time. Our Get Well Soon Hospital Care Package brings together practical items and a touch of light-heartedness to offer comfort during these moments.

What's Inside the Get Well Soon Hospital Care Package?

🧦 Ankle Grip Socks: These aren't just typical socks. With "stronger than a mufkr" prominently displayed, they serve as a reminder of inner strength.

🌙 Eye Mask: For a good night's sleep, our eye mask, labeled "Don't wake me, my vitals are fine", keeps out the bright hospital lights.

💌 Motivational Card: The card is simple yet uplifting, reading, "You are one tough mufkr. Tough times don't last, but tough people do." A way to bring a smile during tough times.

🔇 Ear Plugs: Hospital noises can interrupt rest. These earplugs aim to mitigate that, promoting peaceful sleep.

Why Choose This Package?

Each item in this care package was selected with the intent to offer a mix of comfort and support during a hospital stay. It's more than just a collection of items; it's a way of saying, "You're not alone, and I'm rooting for you." Perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this package provides a touch of comfort when it's needed most.

Based on 239 reviews
cute and soft

Cute, soft and well made

So soft

So soft and not cheaply made

Fantastic, as per usual!

Such good quality socks! Super soft, you can't feel the rubber grips when you walk. That's the best part. Most grip socks are too thin and you feel the grips with every step. Not with these! I love them

F*cking Fabulous!

I love these socks! Soft! Durable! Cozy! Great colors! and FUN!!!!!

So so cute

Bought them for my daughter who is about to have a baby girl they are great and extremely good quality. 1000 times better than. The ones at the hospital and the designs truly original

Best way to say F U

Super thick and stretchy. Most comfortable I’ve ever worn! Looking forward to my next pink slip! 😬

My favorite grippy socks!

These are the most cushy, comfy socks ever! And they help keep me safe while walking on my tile floors.

Keeps Mom Safe

Mom has Alzheimer's and her caregiver said that normal socks are no longer safe for her. I immediately thought of Dr. Socko. I am so thankful that we have these socks that are so cool and that keep my Mom safe.

Amazing as usual!!

Dr. Socko socks never disappoint! They are soft with amazing grips. I live giving them for gifts!

Added to my collection

So happy to add these to my collection. These are the most comfortable lounging socks. Make more please 😊

the best hospital socks

I brought these with me to my mental ward stay, best 5 days ever :)

Absolutely Perfect

They help me feel better everyday while also being safe and sassy about it! Christmas Everyday!

Absolutely Perfect

They help me feel better everyday while also being safe and sassy about it!

Absolutely Perfect

They help me feel better everyday while also being safe and sassy about it!

Comfortable Socks

We got the socks to use at the Stretch Lab. They are super comfortable and are perfect for what we need.

Great socks!

Very happy with the shipping, price & product. Just wish they were a little bigger. Still, great sockos.

So soft and comfortable!

I bought these to pack in the hospital bag for changing into something comfortable after having my baby. They are so soft and were much more comfortable than the socks provided by the hospital. Since we’ve been back home, I wear them around the house. They’re my favorite slipper socks now!


I bought 2-pair. Great for over my lymphedema Velcro wraps; use on my wood floors and for physical and occupational therapy. I even can use that non slip at the gym. I only wish there were more catchy sayings. You said it best they are f* cking fabulous.

Meaningful gift

After a few stays in a hospital having nice socks are a must. Friend is going to have surgery after treatments, this will make it nice with words of encouragement.

Like shoes in house

No slipping on wood floors
Safe comfortable socks

F*cking Fabulous

Love these socks and I'm so happy this phrase is on my favorite color💜 So comfortable and cute.

A successful gift!

I got these for a friend’s birthday and she loved them. Noticed the sunglasses even before the words!

Warm and grippy, but uncomfortable fit

As these are socks for home, these are a great alternative to slippers. However, my fit with these socks is loose and slightly uncomfortable.
I bought the Medium sized socks in pink (blue was unavailable at the time of purchase). I wear a men's 11W, and the socks' heel and toe do not sit well on my feet.

Fabulous Socks!!!

Of course these are Fabulous as well as all the socks!!! They are both fun and functional, I love to give them to people as gifts, everyone loves them 💕

Love, love, love!

I wore them to my TILT table exam and the staff were absolutely shocked! They were raving about the quality and design of them. I wish there were more design options so I can wear them daily. Simple ones, patterned ones, more with sayings, etc.

I love them and wear them all the time! It is always the first pair of socks I grab for after a load of laundry.